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Studio Straface

Studio Straface is composed of architects and highly qualified engineers. They plan, supervise works and offer expertise, both in the private and public sector, in Italy and abroad. Every activity includes planning, work supervision and interior design that will be integrated to the interior concept. Plans and works have been conducted in the following countries: Armenia, Angola, Belize, Djibouti, Ethiopia, France, Iran, Mauritania, Papua New Guinea, Russia, South Africa and Zambia.



Each project comes from an idea. The idea becomes a sketch, then a the drawing. The drawing becomes from matter, space, volume. A building, a house, a new architecture is created . The light will hit the exterior surfaces and cross the interior, creating shadows that will change during the day and . Outside there will be sun, rain, wind or snow. People, children, men, women, the elderly will live inside. They will use the building and will be happy for this. Whenever we start a project, whatever its size might be, we think of the persons it is designed for, we also think of what's around and how the new architecture will be inserted the context. Whenever we start a project we think about all of this all.

Landascape and environment

Designing the landscape is a responsibility. The landscape can be designed directly, by drawing a park, a garden, a neighborhood, and indirectly, by changing something that already exists or creating new buildings Where there was no architecture before. Every transformation changes the landscape. The landscape is influenced by the environment, but sometimes the environment can be influenced by the landscape, for better or for worse. We must commit to change the landscape to preserve the beauty of the environment and to improve it. Every design choice has immediate consequences on the landscape and its perception. The effects on the environment, positive or negative, are perceived in time. When a new project idea, we pay attention to these things.

Interior Design

Whenever it is possible we try to recover. We believe it is important both for the memory and the environment. When we design the interiors, we think about perceptions and instincts: wefts, colours, glares, touch, light, shadow, warmth. A project should always be lead by a single mind. It cannot always be possible. In this case then it is necessary to mediate to get the best result . We design new items, new spaces, new environments. We prefer to use natural materials such as wood, iron, stone, terracotta. In any case, we try to imagine how natural and artificial light, will react with the materials, fabrics and textures materials, with fabrics with textures. We do not believe in the styles, but in to good ideas.

Domenico Straface

Our offices, in the Torrimpietra Castle medieval hamlet, are surrounded by the woods of the roman countryside.